“You can count on Deborra to give you honest, constructive feedback and always with a balanced perspective.  She pushed me to expand my skills and capabilities accompanied by a large dose of appreciation and support.  She brings a blend of business acumen, high energy, insight and common sense to her work and clients.  And best of all, she has a sense of humor that she holds onto even in the midst of chaos.”   HR Director, global consumer products company

“Deborra is smart, professional and a joy to work with.  She is very knowledgeable about leadership issues.  I recommend her without reservation.”   former SVP, global financial institution

 “Deborra has a unique gift of being encouraging and challenging at the same time.  Her keen listening and coaching help you discover and appreciate the talents and potential available to you for achieving your vision and creating value in the world.  Deborra’s years of experience working with executives and leaders at all levels grounds her support within the realities and opportunities of individual and organizational change. " Principal, HBS & Associates

"As I attended the introductory Enneagram seminar, I thought, "this is going to change my life".  I was right. So much more than just another personality test, studying the Enneagram is helping me understand the faulty perceptions of the world that I developed as a child and how these perceptions adversely influence my relationships with others and with myself.  I am now working individually with Deborra and am learning to honor what is real and true about myself in order to make healthier decisions. Deborra is wise, warm and accepting. She provides a safe environment in which to grow in mind and in spirit. "  Enneagram coaching client

 "Our Enneagram study group with Deb is like a monthly immersion into a world of fascination, safety, and deep learning.  Many "aha!!" moments.  She has excellent teaching skills, so respectful, and shares her on-going learning of the Enneagram with wisdom, personal reflection, and gentle humor. Going to her group (which she calls "our group") is one of the highlights of my month. I leave each time with more to ponder, one of my favorite activities. "  Enneagram monthly study group participant

 "Deborra is a dynamic teacher of the Enneagram. Her classes are interesting and engaging.  She provides visual-aids that make the information understandable. I especially enjoy her facilitation of panels using the Narrative Tradition, and our small group discussions."  Enneagram monthly study group participant

 “Working with Deborra, in the Enneagram community gatherings she leads, has been educational and fun....all at the same time. She is a great listener who has demonstrated the ability to provide enriching opportunities for self reflection and personal growth through study of the Enneagram. The fact that this diverse group has grown into a community of loyal and dedicated attendees, is evidence  of her warmth, openness, and leadership skills.”   Enneagram study group participant

 “For the past three plus years, I have been attending Deborra's monthly Enneagram study group. Deborra has done a remarkable job of creating a safe and welcoming community for learning and self-reflection. She has devised original ways to structure and focus in on the many complex layers of Enneagram principles, and is consistently well-prepared. Attending this group anchors my month and has greatly enriched my understanding of and appreciation for the Enneagram as a valuable tool for understanding myself and others.” Enneagram study group participant