"There came a time when the risk to remain tight in the bud was more painful than the risk it took to bloom."  Anais Nin

"There came a time when the risk to remain tight in the bud was more painful than the risk it took to bloom."  Anais Nin

The discipline of coaching is being called the change modality of our times.  Change is at the heart of coaching, whether it’s about finding ways to make small shifts in our lives, or extraordinary change that reaches into and transforms who we are at our core. 

Whatever personal or professional change effort you are facing, as an Integral Master Coach™ I can help you become more conscious of how you are relating to that change, help you see your automatic patterns and behaviors,  and through cycles of development, enable you to grow a greater capacity for meeting and making change in a whole new way.

My certification and training in this field are from Integral Coaching Canada, the only Integral Coaching program in the world that surpasses Masters Level International Coach Federation (ICF) requirements . It includes a framework based on Integral Theory and adult development theories that provide a systematic approach to change. 

So what happens in coaching?  There are three phases in a coaching relationship.  In the Introductory phase,   I learn more about you as a person, what you hope to accomplish with your coaching experience and why it matters to you.  We look at your current way of approaching your desired change, where and how you feel stuck, and the assumptions and beliefs that underlie your current approach.  We also look at possible new ways of relating to your desired change, ways that will help you realize your desired objectives. We also clarify our roles and expectations, how we will work together and an expected timeframe. 

The outcome of these first two sessions is a coaching program based on and customized to your specific situation.  The coaching program articulates your coaching topic, developmental objectives which reflect the key competencies that need to be built to achieve your goal, estimated duration of the program, and outlines the work that each of us will do during the program. You leave this session with a Self-Observation Exercise and Foundation Practice, ready to begin the next phase, which is the Development phase.

During the Development phase,  we meet approximately every 3 weeks for 60 minutes.  Between our coaching conversations, you will be engaged in exercises and practices designed to help you build the competencies necessary to achieve your coaching topic.  In our coaching conversations, we will discuss what you’ve learned from your practices, register progress relative to your developmental objectives and review next assignments.  This is a period of great learning.  These cycles of development will help you to embody your new way of moving in the world that we envisioned in our first sessions.  You will have new insights and develop new behaviors.   The timeframe for this phase varies by client and objectives to be achieved.  When you feel you have achieved your coaching topic and objectives, we move to the Completion phase.

In the Completion phase, which is usually accomplished in one or two sessions, we review your coaching experience, both accomplishments and challenges, celebrating the growth you have achieved.  We consider potential obstacles and opportunities that might arise in the future and how to effectively handle each.  We acknowledge the strengths you’ve always had as well as the “new muscles” you have developed.  This completion phase is a time of integration,  a felt sense of both your roots and your wings.  

 As an Integral Master Coach,™ I use a proven, research-based change methodology and the absolute leading edge in human development technology.  It is an elegant roadmap for positive change.  In addition, my teachers were Zen and Tai Chi practitioners who taught me the value of lineage, practice and embodiment in my coaching.  If you are looking for someone to help you create profound and lasting change within the space of both rigor and heartfelt support, take the first step and contact me for a complimentary session.