I have always been a seeker.  Learning is a core value for me, and I know that I can help my clients only to the extent that I focus on my own personal development.  My professional training always incorporates a parallel track of personal exploration.  When I ask my clients to face their own struggles, I do so having experienced my own.

My passion is helping people bring joy back into their lives and to find meaning in all of their circumstances.  I’m honored to accompany individuals on this path, one that returns us to wholeness and allows us to bring who we really are to what we do. 

My professional background includes experience in government, academia and global corporations.  While each of these environments has their unique characteristics, I find people and organizations more similar than different around the world. 

As a VP in a Fortune 100 company, I worked in the midst of rapid-fire change, and know firsthand the excitement of being part of a global team and the stress of going through an acquisition.   I’ve had the worst bosses and the best bosses, and appreciated and learned from all of them. 

Today, my work as a coach and spiritual director is informed by my personal and professional training and development.  First and foremost, my training in spiritual direction has provided me with the most important skill in any and all of my work --- “presence”.  “Being with” another person is a great privilege which I aspire to honor in every encounter.

In addition, the work of Ken Wilber and his Integral Theory help me gain insight into my client’s worldview and provide a systematic approach to bringing about change that is whole and complete. My way of working is also based on research in the field of adult development and how people make meaning in their lives, especially the Subject-Object Theory of Robert Kegan.

I use the Enneagram in all modalities I offer. The Enneagram is a powerful and dynamic psycho-spiritual tool that helps us better understand our automatic patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving.   It provides a roadmap for positive change.

Often, I incorporate a “somatic” element in my work, which means an appreciation and inclusion of our body wisdom.  I have trained in the Hakomi Method and with several other somatic teachers, such as, Richard Strozzi-Heckler, Wendy Palmer, and Ginny Whitelaw.

In a few words, my job as a guide is to shine a light on the path that encourages people to wake up.  To wake up to their automatic patterns and behaviors, to their core beliefs - those that are serving them well, and those that have become a hindrance.  And by waking up and choosing to grow and develop, together we discover a new way of being in the world. 

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