Maybe you’re searching for a new way of moving in the world.  Perhaps the old strategies you’ve been using for years no longer feel as effective as they once were.  You may sense you have a blind spot that’s holding you back personally or professionally.

Whether you are an executive who aspires to be a transformational leader with greater impact, or you find yourself in the midst of a life transition, or you’re looking for more meaning and joy in your life, there’s some part of you that already knows it would be helpful to have a guide on this journey of self-discovery and change.  Either you’re not sure how to begin the journey, or you’ve tried and have been unable to sustain the change you long for.  

I help people who are on a path of development, who find the sand beneath their feet shifting; who are noticing something inside wants to emerge, that has always been there, but is now ready to be acknowledged and nourished in a new way.  Our work together, whether it is coaching, working with your Enneagram type, or spiritual direction, will leave you with an expanded sense of "being" and new capacities for “doing”.  You will be more grounded and ready to lead a more conscious and satisfying life.  

If you are looking to create a life of full expression and freedom, let me help you bring the essence of who you are to what you do.